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The GOKISO GD2 (G D Square) wheel minimizes driving force loss, and maximizes driving power.

You can feel the characteristics when you stop pedaling.
GOKISO engineers reconsidered the basic of a bicycle design by
Gokiso wheels are not thought of in terms of components, but as a single wheel system. The pedaling power is delivered to the chain and hub, and then these energies become the driving force to the tires. In this process, we focused on that "How we minimizes loss of delivering power?".

A radically new wheel was born from GOKISO’s original incentive approach. You can feel the acceleration even when you stop pedaling. The sensation of gliding on ice. GOKISO provides a new experience.

We conducted our own bench-test for the performance evaluation of road wheels. As the result, we concluded that "enough rigidity" is the most important factor for rims to develop high efficiency for delivering the energy compared to smaller or bigger materials.

Therefore we selected the full-carbon which is used for the latest aviation models as the material of choice. The surface of the brakes is covered with "basalt fiber" which is superior in tough and high heat resistance conditions. The GOKISO wheel is superior in rigidity, durability and thermostability. Moreover, your pedaling power is wholly transferred into driving power. Therefore you can use the GOKISO Wheel not only for racing but also for daily usage.

GOKISO Wheel is not a "ultra-light wheel". Of course the low-mass has a low inertial force. However, the wheel without rigidity gets deformed by the rider's weight and additional load.

The GOKISO Wheel absorbs these loads, and maximizes the driving power by keeping its shape. "The shock absorbing structure" in the GOKISO Hub absorbs the vibration that is transmitted through hard rims from the road surface. Through this structure, the gokiso hub prohibits bearing to vibrate, and therefore provides a smooth riding experience.

The wheel-sets are available with different types of hubs, the details about these hub types are available on this web site.

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