From France with a focus on performance improvement using ceramiv bearings. Tuning as we know from the car industry, now available for race bikes.

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  • CyclingCeramic - Tuning
    CyclingCeramic - Tuning

    CYCLINGCERAMIC TUNINGFor the tuning of your road bike we have pre-defined thee levels of tuning. Step into the world of tuning on your level!

    Level 1: ODC (oversized pulley wheels)

    Level 2: ODC + bottom bracket

    Level 3: ODC +…

    € 329,00
  • CyclingCeramic - ODC system
    CyclingCeramic - ODC system

    CYCLINGCERAMIC ODC SYSTEMDevelopped entirely by CyclingCeramic, the oversized pulley wheel cage is the ultimate advantage in the quest for performance. All of our components have been developped and made in France in order to…

    € 329,00
  • CyclingCeramic - Bottom Bracket
    CyclingCeramic - Bottom Bracket

    CYCLINGCERAMIC - BOTTOM BRACKETAll CyclingCeramic bottom brackets are combined with low friction bearings ceramic and more durable than standard bearings. The high quality finish of the bottom brackets allow them to achieve high…

    € 185,00
  • CyclingCeramic - Pulley wheels
    CyclingCeramic - Pulley wheels

    These 11 speed wheels allow a better transmission of power and save your energy. They have been designed to offer a lightweight package and thanks to the design of the seals, allow optimal protection. Aluminum manufacture and hand…

    € 125,00
  • CyclingCeramic - Chain
    CyclingCeramic - Chain

    The CyclingCeramic racing chain is a succession of stages which considerably improves the performance of your bike. Our chain thus treated saves 3 to 5 watts compared to a standard chain and offers a lifespan of 700 km. (Pass this…

    € 89,00
  • CyclingCeramic - Grease
    CyclingCeramic - Grease

    CyclingCeramic white grease for timetrial using of your bearings, bottom bracket, wheels kit.

    It combines the search for performance, fluidity and durability of your bearings.

    Recommended for the chrono, it will allow you to…

    € 5,00

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